Damage Reporting

On behalf of the Pipeline Safety Bureau and NM811, we are very excited to announce that the New 3rd Party Damage Reporting Tool, KorInsight, is now up and running.  This is the DRETS replacements and as of November 28, 2016 excavation damages are required to be submitted via KorInsight.  Utilities are required to submit their damage reports within 30 days from occurrence.

 Damages that are reported to New Mexico 811 will automatically be uploaded to the KorInsight program allowing Utility and Excavation Users to search for an existing damage ticket, and then add their comments, photos, etc. The user guide is provided below and can also be accessed from the KorInsight website.

 For further questions call or email us at:




If you need to report a damage please call 811 to submit a damage ticket.

Damage reports will automatically download to KorInsight for PSB Investigators and affected parties to supply their response.

KorInsight Quick Start Training Guide

Users can create a user login by visiting the KorInsight webpage at:


Locate Request

For locate request call: 811

In Albuquerque: Dial 811 or 260-1990 during regular business hours.

Statewide: Dial 811 or 800-321-ALERT (2537) during regular business hours.

By Fax: (505)260-1248 or (800)727-8809 24 Hours a day.

By Web at: Request a Line Spot 24 Hours a day.

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