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If you are a farmer or rancher, we know your lively hood depends on the land; New Mexico 811 needs your help in preventing damages to underground lines. Often pipelines or other utilities cross fields on your property and are out of sight and out of mind. Following the dig safely process will help to keep your farm, ranch, family and community safe when performing excavation activities. A free phone call to New Mexico 811 is strongly recommended prior to excavating and it is required by law.

Beneath the soil on your farm or ranch, there may be underground gas, oil, water and other vital lines serving your community. Excavations, terracing projects, fence post, farm ponds or tiling subsoil can create a possible risk due to the depth of the excavations. A gouge, scrape or dent or other damages to lines or pipe coating will cause a leak or break to occur.

No one digs more dirt that America’s farmers and ranchers. Understanding what is below ground will help you dig safely above ground. Call 811 before you dig in order to notify underground facility owners who will be affected in the dig site. The service is FREE, and it is as easy as calling 811.

Additionally, you may own important underground lines buried on your shared property or along rights-of-way that you want protected. Your iIrrigation lines, power, and other utilities may be near someone else’s underground facilities. By becoming a member of New Mexico 811 you will be notified when someone intends to dig on or near your own private utility lines.

Fill out the membership form and see how easy and inexpensive it is to add another layer of protection to your farm or ranch operations.

Locate Request

For locate request call: 811

In Albuquerque: Dial 811 or 260-1990 during regular business hours.

Statewide: Dial 811 or 800-321-ALERT (2537) during regular business hours.

By Fax: (505)260-1248 or (800)727-8809 24 Hours a day.

By Web at: Request a Line Spot 24 Hours a day.