Homeowners Excavation Safety

Planning a backyard project or hiring an excavator? Call before you dig!

New Mexico 811 is a free service that you use before you do any kind of digging to make sure you don’t damage underground lines. Let us know at least two working days (not counting the day of call) before you start digging and we will help you avoid costly or dangerous buried lines by alerting the owners of lines in the digging area.

I'm About To Dig Call Toll Free: 1-800-321-2537

How does NM811 work?

When someone calls 811 in New Mexico, he or she is connected to New Mexico 811 (our state’s one-call center, where a representative collects information about the caller’s planned dig site. The one call center then communicates the information to the appropriate utility companies, which send professional utility locating technicians to identify and mark the approximate location of lines within two working days of the phone call. Once lines have been marked, the caller may dig safely around the marks

I'm About To Dig

Frequently Asked Questions

Always Call Before You Dig!

Call 811 or 1-800-321-2537 at least two business days before you dig. It's FAST. It's FREE. It's the LAW!